Specialized Talent. Superior Solutions.

"Being paired with Gentry Professional Services allows you to better negotiate with a company to work on what you want in order to do the work you’re best at..."

"They’re flexible, and there’s this overarching feeling that ‘We’re here to help; we can engage, solve the problems, make an impact.’ There’s no arrogance, or any of that. They merge in with the team well, roll up their sleeves and do anything and everything they can to support."
U.S. Government Contractor
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We Take Care of Our Team

"...and we truly make sure that our clients are served by making sure that we are serving our team members every single day."

Glenda Caton

Chief Human Resources Officer

“I’ve always been impressed with Gentry. And I know a lot of the employees and the quality of what they bring to the table. I’m always proud to work with them. It’s just a high caliber organization.”
Fortune 100 Client
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Keep Your Schedule Flexible

"I love coming into work whenever I’m needed. You feel like you don’t want to work? You don’t work. I have total flexibility."

Donna Tringali

Security Manager

“Their folks have directly impacted the success I’ve had at my company on the projects I work with. Directly. I have no one else on the staff to do what they do. It could be so challenging; it’s nice to use them.”
Aerospace Client
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Our Culture

"Our culture of family means more than just friendly faces and an open line of communication."

Jamie Gentry

Chief Operating Officer

“The best partnering is on the hard/difficult projects. I can say, ‘I don’t know what to do; what do you think?’ And they come back to me with recommendations and trade studies. ‘Here are the pros and cons.’ I hold these kinds of partners higher than situations where I just need somebody to knock things out. I can get other companies to knock things out."
Systems Engineering Client
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Everyone Benefits

"...and I get to do the job that everyone knows I’m capable of doing. I would do it again a 100 times out of a 100."

Mark Littleton

Senior Contracts Manager

"When you ask somebody to do something, they actually do it. That’s accountability, responsibility. I don’t have to worry."
Project Manager at Fortune 100 Client
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Best In Class

"Brings best in class engineers and combines them with challenging programs, without having the burdens of trying to meet traditional work structures."

Ted Wojtysiak

Systems Engineer