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Healthcare Industry

Industries We Serve

Healthcare Industry

Experience in the healthcare industry is too valuable to lose.

You have several options for travel nurses or locums, but what about the specific expertise of your non-clinical healthcare personnel? No matter what sector of the healthcare industry your organization falls under, we recognize that you face legal and regulatory complexities that aren’t found elsewhere which can make tough situations even more challenging. All the while, you and your team would prefer to focus your time and energy on the healthcare mission.

Many healthcare organizations are subject to not only budget restrictions, but also headcount limitations. Since labor and services are often funded by different budgets, targeted service contracts can help hospitals and other provider organizations effectively navigate their particular situations. Maybe the provider organization needs a retired technical guru to mentor a new hire, or needs an accountant to provide invaluable historical information for a new budget year, or needs to outsource a specific software development project or even all of software development as a whole …. Gentry has an elegant solution for expert non-clinical healthcare personnel that will help you maximize your employees’ ability to focus on providing patient care.

Medical professionals look over digital technology for feedback or hospital data.

Recover the unmatched experience of your key employees.

Gentry Professional Services specializes in helping businesses recover their key employees’ unmatched level of knowledge and experience.

Recover lost knowledge.

“Managers often don’t know what they have lost until after the expert leaves — and by then, it may be difficult to recover… And the price tag associated with such losses were estimated to be as much as 20 times the more visible, tangible costs of recruitment and training.”

Harvard Business Review

No learning curve.

Since our employee once worked for your company, they already know your people, processes, and procedures. They start providing value-added service on day one.

A new alternative.

Some HR Professionals believe the only available options for retirees are offering a retention package or bringing them back as independent contractors.

Some retirees want to avoid the complications of setting up a business or withholding their own taxes. And as tempting as retention packages may be, there comes the point in a person’s career where flexibility becomes more important.

No waiting period.

Your retiree goes through a bona fide termination of employment from your organization. Therefore, they are not returning to your company as a part-time employee or independent contractor. Instead, they will work for another company – Gentry Professional Services.

In addition, our employees can be assigned to multiple clients, including yours.

We take care of our employees.

Even though they once worked for you, we consider them family once they’ve joined our team.

We take care of our employees; we provide healthcare, 401(k), paid time off, bonuses, and even family dinners.

This is the employee’s retirement, so we ensure you and they both understand that they will work on what they want, when they want, for however long they want.

How does it work?


Schedule a Meeting

Contact Gentry so we can understand your unique needs.


We Tailor a Plan

We tailor a service agreement for your company.


Your Consultant Returns

We hire retirees as our employees and assign them as consultants to your firm.

Our Services

We work with your Human Resources, Supply Chain Managers, and Procurement Specialists to establish the appropriate service agreement that solves your problem and still fits within your corporate policies.

We accommodate whatever form of contractual agreement your company prefers to become your vendor, supplier, subcontractor, or partner.

Expert Consultant Services

Let our team provide outside perspectives based on experience & industry best practices.

Outsourced Project Services

If you need help completing a particular project, Gentry is here to take full delivery and operational responsibilities of the project.

Staff Augmentation Services

When you have an all-hands-on-deck but still need a few more, we can assign employee(s) to support your staffing needs.

Already use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Vendor Management System (VMS)?

Contact us. If we are not already on your list of vendors, let us know, and we will work with your MSP to include our company as an approved supplier.

Bradley Gentry speaking and giving a presentation on Gentry Professional Services.

Discover solutions we can provide for your organization.

A traditional staffing agency can’t match the talent or knowledge of an experienced employee in the healthcare industry.

If you’re looking for a solution to help you recover the unmatched experience of your key employees, schedule a free consultation with our team at Gentry Professional Services to learn more about how our unique approach can benefit your business.

Are you interested in openings in the healthcare industry?

If you have experience in the Healthcare Industry and would like to become a candidate for available non-clinical jobs or projects, our team would love to match you with a position.

Happy businesswoman shaking hands with colleage after successful meeting.