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How is Gentry Services Different?

For Our Employees

  • Quality Over Quantity: Emphasis on high-quality work and impactful contributions.
  • Family Culture: Our employees are more than just colleagues; they become part of a family.
  • Best Work Experience: We aim to provide our employees with the best work experience of their careers.
  • Career Stages:
    • Legacy Builders: Those looking to reflect on a distinguished career.
    • Career Changers: Mid-career professionals seeking new opportunities.
    • Early Career: Individuals desiring gig work without the overhead.

For Our Clients

  • Specialized Expertise: We provide clients with access to highly specialized expertise.
  • Tailored Solutions: Clients can expect personalized attention from specific individuals suited to their needs.
  • Industry Experts: We connect clients with industry experts or rising prodigies.
  • Referral Commitment: If we lack the required specialization, we refer clients to trusted external partners.
  • Quality Partnerships: We strive to be the client’s partner of choice by focusing on quality and impactful results.
  • Not Just Numbers: We do not engage in providing generic staffing solutions; our focus is on meaningful contributions and expertise.

Gentry Core Values


We treat all individuals with dignity and respect. We foster a positive work environment by building trust and maintaining professional relationships.


At Gentry, we commit to nurturing a supportive environment where people come first, eliminating the struggle for work and life to balance.


Our team exceeds expectations. Our focus is delivering value to the client, and helping all our colleagues lead meaningful, fulfilled lives.


We are dedicated to project success, providing industry expertise and transferring knowledge to ensure clients have lasting quality solutions.

Gentry Services Leadership Team

Bradley Gentry, PMP, CCWP

Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Gentry holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering, alongside an MBA. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP). In 2013, Bradley founded Odyssey Consulting, Inc., recruiting industry leaders and securing over 200 consulting contracts. Previously at Northrop Grumman Corporation, he served as a systems engineer and program manager, with 20+ years in ISR systems design and testing. Bradley currently serves as the 2024 president of the Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering, president of the Arkansas Section of IEEE, and on the University of Arkansas College of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council. He also holds a leadership role in the National Small Business Association. As CEO, Bradley directs strategy and operations at Gentry Professional Services.

Brandon Beam, JD

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Beam has brought products and services to market across many industries, including healthcare, telecom, financial services, marketing, education, government, and even tabletop board games. He’s delivered dozens of products for Fortune 500 companies, including multiple in the Fortune 10 and Fortune 20. His education is also varied, with a Juris Doctorate, a Bachelor’s in both Math and English and even a few years as a computer science instructor. His organizing principle is “people first,” and with that in mind, he has led multiple companies on business transformations to sustainably deliver value. He joined Gentry Professional Services because of the “family” culture and to help streamline operations and expand the portfolio so that more people and partners could join that family.

Ryan Gibson

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Gibson holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harvey Mudd College, where he graduated with Distinction. Prior to joining Gentry Professional Services, Ryan worked for 10+ years as a software architect in the defense sector, where he specialized in designing and implementing highly performant distributed processing platforms. He then spent eight years in executive leadership at a cloud-native ad tech startup where he oversaw the modernization of their AWS-based backend infrastructure, including a re-platform onto Kubernetes and several revamps of their data processing pipeline. As CTO, Ryan defines and implements the company’s strategic technical objectives and specializes in bringing container-native technologies to the embedded ecosystem.

Jaimie Gentry

Chief People Officer

Jaimie Gentry is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Before becoming CPO of Gentry Professional Services, she was the Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Consulting, Inc., where she doubled revenue for four consecutive years. Jaimie has also held leadership positions in supply chain management, legal services, and financial services industries. As CPO, she acts as a point of contact for all employee relations matters.

Glenda Caton

Chief Human Resources Officer

Glenda Caton has been certified by the Society of Human Resource Management as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). Glenda has over 20 years of experience in human resources, operations, and training & development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis on human resources. Glenda conducts seminars and regularly speaks on employment law compliance, recruiting and retention, and employee relations/engagement. She serves on the Central Arkansas Human Resources Association (CAHRA) Board of Directors and the Arkansas SHRM State Council. As the CHRO for Gentry Professional Services, she works strategically with the leadership team to ensure compliance and cultural alignment across the organization, onboard new team members, and oversees the management of benefits.

Devin Ryder

Director of Business Initiatives

Devin Ryder holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Akron and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins, both in electrical engineering and 16 years of professional experience. Devin brings over a decade of engineering and technical leadership to Gentry Professional Services, having directed cross-functional teams as small as three people and organizations as large as 1,800 people across the globe. During this time, Devin also developed a deep passion for transparency, effective communication, and direct customer engagement with a focus on understanding client needs to produce the most appropriate solutions. As a part of the Gentry team, Devin now provides expert systems engineering consulting services to customers while teaming with the rest of the Gentry leadership team as Director of Business Initiatives to expand our services to new customers and industries across the country.

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