Staff Augmentation

Revolutionize your workforce and experience unparalleled success

Staff Augmentation

Revolutionize Your Workforce and Experience Unparalleled Success

Finding qualified talent can be challenging.

When trying to find and hire qualified talent, companies can face a lot of difficulties, especially for short-term or project-based needs. This can result in a delay in project completion, decreased productivity, and increased costs associated with recruitment and training.

In addition, companies may also struggle to find the right fit for their organizational culture and work environment, leading to employee turnover and additional costs.

At Gentry Professional Services, we understand the struggles business executives face when it comes to finding and hiring qualified talent. Staff augmentation services can help alleviate these issues by providing companies with access to a pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates who can quickly integrate into their teams and start contributing to their projects.

Discover a wealth of industry knowledge & experience

Gentry’s staff augmentation services provide your company with flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions. Our professionals have a wealth of industry experience and can quickly integrate into a company’s culture and work environment, allowing them to hit the ground running and contribute to the success of the project.

Fast & Efficient

We can quickly provide highly skilled professionals to fill any gaps in your team and get your project up and running without delay.

Flexible Workforce Solution

Scale your team up or down based on your company’s changing needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Pay only for the resources you need when you need them, and eliminate the overhead costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

Mitigate Risks

Reduce the risk of hiring full-time employees who may not work out in the long run, saving you time and money in the process.

How does it work?

Gentry’s staff augmentation services provide your company with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can supplement their existing teams to complete critical projects, fill skill gaps, and maintain business continuity.


Identify the Need

Determine the additional staff or specialized skills required for your project or time frame.


Skill Assessment

Our experts assess the required skills and qualifications to find the perfect fit for your company.



We handle the hiring process, including background checks and drug screening, to ensure a smooth integration.


Ongoing Management

Benefit from our continuous support, performance monitoring, and feedback for the augmented team members.


Staff augmentation is a flexible workforce solution that allows companies to supplement their existing teams with experienced professionals on a temporary or long-term basis.

Staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale your team based on project needs without the long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. Once we identify your requirements, we work diligently to match you with the right professionals in a timely manner.

Absolutely! Our professionals have extensive industry experience and are skilled at seamlessly integrating into different work environments.

Yes, we provide workforce solutions for companies seeking to utilize senior talent further and manage the transfer of knowledge scenarios. Our well-respected partnerships with industry leaders have created many succession plans for their valuable, senior-level employees.

We pride ourselves on developing and providing solutions that achieve the goals of both the company and employees to ensure a smooth and simple transition for all parties involved.

Portrait of Bradley Gentry, Chief Executive Officer of Gentry Professional Services.

“Our approach enables them to fully retire, then join the Gentry team working on their own terms to consult on projects, often at their previous organizations.”

Bradley Gentry


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