Empower your teams with customized training programs led by industry experts.

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Customized and Subsidized

Tailor your team’s learning with industry-specific courses, significantly reduced in cost thanks to our subsidy acquisition support.

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Skills Retention and Upskilling

Enhance your workforce with our specialized courses designed to retain vital skills and advance employee expertise effectively.

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Advanced Mentorship

Connect with top industry experts through our mentorship programs, fostering professional growth and technical excellence.

Tailored Learning & Development Solutions

We offer a transformative educational experience, custom-built around the unique needs of your organization.

Explore Gentry's learning solutions:

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Expert-Led Training

  • Experience: Dive into learning experiences led by industry veterans and subject matter experts.
  • Knowledge: Gain from professionals who bring decades of practical insights.
  • Application: Ensure your education is rooted in real-world applications.

Personalized Education Paths

  • Customization: Tailor programs to hone specific technical skills or leadership capabilities.
  • Alignment: Ensure alignment with your career objectives and the strategic goals of your organization.
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Mentorship Programs

  • Engagement: Go beyond conventional training with direct learning from seasoned experts.
  • Growth: Accelerate professional growth and knowledge transfer through a blend of formal and informal guidance.

Flexible Delivery Formats

  • Adaptability: Choose from on-site workshops to remote seminars.
  • Convenience: Fit learning seamlessly into your schedule for effective and convenient training.
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Outcome-Focused Learning

  • Impact: Measure success by the real impact of training on your team’s performance and productivity.
  • Results: Design courses to deliver tangible outcomes, enhancing your team’s capabilities and driving your business forward.

Commitment to Excellence

Join Gentry’s partners and experience how our commitment to excellence in education can help unlock the full potential of your workforce.

"Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.” – Jack Welch, GE

Help make your company better by letting your employees grow ... and retain the employees longer

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1. Schedule a Meeting

Contact Gentry so we can understand your unique needs.

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2. We Tailor a Plan

We determine together who needs development. We create a tailored curriculum and development plan.

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3. Growth begins

We apply our custom development plan to grow your team’s capabilities.

The rapid pace of technological change, accelerated by AI, demands that employees continually update their skills. On average, employees stay with a company for about four years, with younger employees staying even less, typically under three years. Studies show that companies investing in employee growth see a significant increase in retention, with as much as 94% of employees more likely to stay.

Innovation and growth are intrinsically linked to strong Learning & Development (L&D) programs. Companies known for successful innovation also excel in their L&D efforts.

What does this mean for employers? To grow, retain top talent, and bridge the learning gap for new hires, a robust training program is essential.

A key element of a successful L&D plan is a strong mentorship program. While many leadership teams understand the benefits of mentorship at the executive level, it’s crucial to extend this practice throughout the organization. The benefits of mentorship include enhanced productivity, engagement, satisfaction, growth, and retention.

The good news is that various grants are available to help subsidize training costs. At Gentry Professional Services, we have excellent mentors ready to elevate even the most advanced team members.

Remember, innovation requires growth, and with the right support, you don’t have to navigate it alone.

Learning is now part of the rewards / compensation stack. Increasingly, talent wants to grow and learn more than anything. Don't promise me job security — promise me something bigger: career security. And what you'll do is build lifelong loyalty.