We hire your former employees to return as consultants so you can retain employees' lost knowledge and experience.

Transfer Critical Knowledge

Establish knowledge transfer plans and train the next generation of workers with the experts who have the very specific knowledge you need.

Complete Important Projects

Returning consultants provide valuable perspectives when reviewing designs, submitting proposals, and completing short-term mission-critical projects.

Recover Lost Experience

Since our employees once worked for your company, they already know your people, processes, and procedures. They start providing value-added service on day one.

How do you feel when you lose a key employee?

Lost I thought I had more time before they left the company.

Overwhelmed It will take four people to replace the work just one person was doing.

Embarrassed I didn’t have a knowledge transfer plan in place.

Panicked The cost, schedule, and performance of my project are all now at risk.

Regretful We focused on staffing shortages but not knowledge shortages.

Nervous So much of our success was based on their personal relationship with the customer.

Worried Losing their expertise can give our competitors an advantage.

Frustrated It shouldn’t be so complicated to bring back former employees.

Afraid – What am I going to do now?

"Managers often don't know what they have lost until after the expert leaves — and by then, it may be difficult to recover… And the price tag associated with such losses were estimated to be as much as 20 times the more visible, tangible costs of recruitment and training.” – Harvard Business Review

Recover experience too valuable to lose.

1. Schedule a Meeting

Contact Gentry so we can understand your unique needs.

2. We Tailor a Plan

We tailor a service agreement for your company. Only use us if you need us. There’s no obligation.

3. Your Consultant Returns

Whenever you need us, we hire your former employees and assign them as consultants to your firm.

Preserve the relationship by treating them as an Emeritus

An Emeritus title is given to respected people who leave their usual roles but keep a meaningful link with the organization. The term shows that, while the relationship has changed, they still hold an important and honored role with the team.

An Emeritus can be a former professor, CEO, engineer, software developer, analyst, or any other role. The important thing to remember is that the relationship is still strong even though it has changed.

A map of the United States, with the states that Gentry Professional Services serves colored in blue: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

We work with clients nationally.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with clients across the country to implement employee retention strategies that retain and recover sophisticated, context-specific knowledge from their key employees.

“I can still do what I want to do, and at the same time I can go back and work for my prior employer seamlessly. 

Everyone Benefits.”

Mark Littleton

Senior Contracts Manager

At Gentry Professional Services, we know you want to complete quality work on schedule and under budget. That means you need the right people on your team to carry out your organization’s mission. However, the most experienced industry professionals are retiring at a rapid pace, resulting in a Silver Tsunami of lost institutional knowledge and employee turnover. COVID-19 early retirements made the problem even more challenging. Companies are struggling to compensate for the sudden absence of key employees.

Mid-career workers leave for other reasons. Maybe they like the gig economy approach. Maybe they need more flexibility in work location. Or maybe they just want a change that can’t be accommodated by remaining an employee of your company.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost. Many former employees find they miss the work and the people who have been an important part of their lives and often want to return to a part-time consulting role with a healthy work-life balance. Although possible, ensuring employee job satisfaction with inconsistent and overly complex HR and Procurement policies can make returning an unnecessarily difficult and complicated process for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, you just want to get the job done. We formed the Emeritus division of Gentry Professional Services with that in mind. Using our streamlined process and innovative employment model, we work with your company to bring in the retirees, alumni, or industry specialist(s) you need, enabling you to fill knowledge gaps, outsource tasks, complete ongoing client projects that are beyond your core competencies, and train your employees in critical skills.

People leaving your firm is not the end of the world. Perhaps the time someone works for you is just the start of a longer-term relationship. Maybe the person leaving can continue to provide value to you and your firm long after they depart, and they might perhaps even return one day.

– Steve Cadigan

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