About Gentry Professional Services.

We're Not a Staffing Firm.

Experience is Too Valuable To Lose.

Prior to forming Gentry Professional Services, a group of engineers and project managers struggled with a frequently recurring problem. The most experienced industry professionals were retiring at a rapid pace, resulting in a Silver Tsunami of lost institutional knowledge. Companies struggled to compensate for the sudden absence of key employees.

After a short time, many retirees found they missed the work and the people that had been a part of their lives for decades and often wanted to return to a part-time consulting role. Although possible, the inconsistent and overly complex HR and Procurement policies made returning a difficult and complicated process for everyone involved.

Filling the Gaps & Improving the Personal Experience of Professional Lives.

The manager’s dilemma is not unique to engineering. In fact, it happens in almost every industry.

We formed Gentry Professional Services with this in mind. Using our streamlined process, we work with your company to bring in the industry specialist(s) you need, enabling you to fill knowledge gaps, outsource tasks that are beyond your core competencies, and train your employees in critical skills.

We also strive to improve the personal experience of professional lives, making this a win-win process for our clients and employees (retirees). Companies recover specialized top talent, while our employees enjoy both the flexibility of retirement and the fulfillment of their work.

Our Core Values


We take care of our employees and treat them with respect.


We consider our employees family, and we treat them as such.


We serve our country, our clients, our family, and our communities.


We strive to provide the best solution and exceed client expectations.

How Are We Different?

We focus on the retiring workforce.

As individuals retire, they take a lifetime of domain knowledge and experience with them. Many want to continue working part-time, but most employers do not support a phased retirement plan. Our approach enables them to fully retire, then join the Gentry Professional Services team working on their own terms to consult on projects, often at their previous organizations.

We are not a “staffing firm.”

If you are an employer and need to fill 1,000 seats now, we will recommend other companies because we are not for you. However, if you have an indispensable employee about to retire, we can help you. If you need to bring in an industry expert or even a young prodigy, we can help you. If your company’s HR or procurement limits your ability to bring in support, we can help you.

We focus on quality, not quantity.

Our goal is not to have the most employees but to be our client’s partner of choice. We are confident that we can provide the best solution for our clients and would rather refer them to someone else than risk underperforming or not meeting expectations.

Our employees become family.

Before hiring someone, we ensure the candidate is a good fit with our client and within our own team culture. To us, the relationship is like a successful marriage; we take care of our employees and treat them with respect. In our experience, when employees feel genuinely appreciated, they pay it forward with hard work for our clients.

Our Team

Bradley Gentry, PMP, CCWP

Chief Executive Officer

Jaimie Gentry

Chief Operating Officer

Glenda Caton, SHRM-SCP

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ryan Gibson

Chief Technology Officer

We Help Your Business Succeed.

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A traditional staffing agency can’t match the talent or knowledge of an experienced & specialized employee.

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