Our Services

We work with your Human Resources, Supply Chain Managers, and/or Procurement Specialists to establish the appropriate service agreement that solves your problem and still fits within your corporate policies. We accommodate whatever form of contractual agreement your company prefers to become your vendor, supplier, subcontractor, or partner.

Expert Consultant Services Staff Augmentation Services Outsourced Project Services
Description Gentry team member(s) provide outside perspectives based on experience and industry best practices.  Gentry assigns employee(s) to support your (typically short-term) staffing needs. Gentry takes full delivery and operational responsibilities of the project.
Contractual Agreement(s) Consultant(s) complete the activities and/or deliverables from our agreed-upon statement of work. Contract terms are defined by a statement of work and/or Master Service Agreement (MSA). Gentry Professional Services provides the deliverables and/or services from our agreed-upon statement of work.
Typical Client Point of Contact Procurement or Supply Chain Human Resources or Managed Service Provider (MSP) contact Procurement or Supply Chain
Client Selects Gentry Team Member(s) At Client Request
Periodic Status and Financial Reports Provided
Hourly Billing Option (Time and Materials)
Milestone Completion  Billing Option
Fixed Price Billing Option

We Simplify the Consulting Process

Do you currently use a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Many clients who choose staff augmentation may already have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and or Vendor Management System (VMS). If we are not already on your list of vendors, let us know and we will work with your MSP to include our company as an approved supplier.