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Gentry Professional Services is an elite consulting firm that specializes in providing companies with workforce solutions that help them recover retired knowledge and experience. We become our clients’ partner of choice as we work together to create and maintain their competitive advantage.

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Experience is Too Valuable to Lose

As a business leader in a specialized and highly regulated industry, you likely dread when your key employees are getting ready to retire because when they leave, they take all of their knowledge, specialized skills, and unmatched experience with them.

In addition, while retirees in these industries often enjoy the flexibility of retirement, they will likely miss working in a field that they are passionate about and the sense of accomplishment they felt in their job.

Our team brings retired key employees, such as best-in-class engineers, problem-solvers, and specialized talent, then matches them with challenging programs and projects without facing the burdens of trying to meet traditional work structures.

Industries We Serve

Gentry Professional Services specializes in helping businesses recover their retirees’ unmatched level of knowledge and experience. We serve clients in many industries, including:

Aerospace & Defense

Recover the specialized knowledge & skills required for this highly technical and regulated industry.


Find solutions for specialized training to handle jobs in the challenging and demanding energy industry.


Recover the unmatched knowledge and experience of your retired healthcare providers.


Innovate and streamline your processes with our software engineering solutions.

Our Mission: To Improve the Personal Experience of Professional Lives

We Work With Clients Nationally

No matter your industry or location, we can offer you superior solutions to recover retired talent, giving you a strategic competitive advantage in whatever project you need to be completed or job role you need to be filled.

We're Proud to Partner With the Following Organizations.

Find Workforce Solutions for Your Organization.

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