Helping our clients get their jobs executed successfully is our number one priority at Gentry Professional Services. We provide experienced team members that have the technical expertise and availability for getting the job done. Open communication between our clients and employees is critical and we’re always focused on providing the support and expertise needed to make our clients successful.

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Yes, we provide workforce solutions for companies seeking to further utilize senior talent and manage the transfer of knowledge scenarios. Our well-respected partnerships with industry leaders have created many succession plans for their valuable, senior-level employees. We pride ourselves on developing and providing solutions that achieve the goals of both the company and employee to ensure a smooth and simple transition for all parties involved.

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Our solution is a win-win that provides your company’s prospective retirees a profitable and flexible path to continue working with you and putting their deep knowledge to use for the industry, while offering you the time needed to complete long-term projects and finalize the knowledge transfer to other team members. With no learning curve, the changing of hats of your employee to work with our firm is seamless. Our team of experienced engineers can assist with the smooth transfer of knowledge to your next staff member.

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Regardless of where you are in your career, we match talented individuals with companies seeking the best and brightest minds in their field to solve complex challenges. Whether you’re a veteran in the industry with decades of wisdom or looking to gain more experience in new and exciting areas, we can help find the perfect role for you. Learn More

While the outside world may see us as just a consulting firm, here at Gentry Professional Services we see ourselves as one big family. We respect our people and value them for who they are in addition to the knowledge and expertise they provide. Our ultimate goal is to provide a positive impact on the professional and personal lives for every member of our team, as well as our clients.

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At Gentry Professional Services we have an internal culture of nurturing a work-life balance for our team. Studies show that this makes a more productive, engaged, and high-performing team member. We have experienced this internally and our current clients can attest to rapid response times that meet their needs.

We are experienced industry leaders. We understand staffing and we understand your needs within your industry. We begin each engagement with a discovery call to identify your goals in every area of your organization to determine the best option for you. There is no cookie cutter answer. Each contract is specific to your needs.

Gentry Professional Services strives to build and maintain an inclusive and equitable workforce within our own company. We are on the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of employment law and protect our clients with the same priority as we do our internal employees. 

We have partnered with The Predictive Index (PI) to use their scientifically validated methodology to confidently hire the right team members. We begin with the PI Job Assessment, which reveals the behavioral and cognitive requirements of the job for which we are hiring. Our candidates take the PI Behavioral Assessment that predicts workplace behaviors and motivating needs. The PI Cognitive Assessment measures an individual’s capacity to learn and adapt in the workplace. With these three assessments, we can easily evaluate the fit of candidates compared to the requirements of that specific job.

We have teamed with industry-leading partners to thoroughly screen our consultants and hire with confidence. Quest Diagnostics provides our drug screens so we can make informed decisions about prospective employees. We also use Sterling to conduct comprehensive background investigations, including employment verification, education verification, county court search, national sex offender registry search, and an enhanced nationwide criminal search. We understand it takes more than just a clean record to be the right candidate, so we also use behavioral and cognitive assessments from The Predictive Index to make sure the selected consultant is the right person for the job.