We’re looking for top-tier industry experts who are in search of challenging projects with alternative work arrangements. Whether you are already retired or an earlier-career individual, our innovative employment model specializes in connecting best-in-class problem solvers to challenging projects.

How It Works

Schedule an appointment.

We want to find a good fit for your skillset and interests. Contact us to share what you seek in a company, job or project. This might mean a preference for flexibility or structure; a focus on the big picture or specific details; or opportunities for independence or interaction.

Submit your resume.

Tell us about your skills and areas of expertise by submitting your resume. Share your responsibilities and accomplishments in your chosen industry and field.

Find client projects that align with your values and interests.

You choose the clients and projects to support. Using our online portal, apply to the opportunities that appeal to you. If there’s not a position currently available, we’ll help you find one.

Become a Gentry employee!

You support the client project either onsite or remotely. We take care of the administrative paperwork and provide you with the resources, benefits and pay. Welcome to the Gentry Family!

Selectable Benefits Tailored to Your Needs

When establishing benefits our employees lead the charge. We regularly work to add or enhance benefits based on our team’s feedback, because we realize not everyone is the same. We will work to find a benefits solution that fits best for you and your family’s needs.

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Everyone Benefits

"...and I get to do the job that everyone knows I’m capable of doing. I would do it again a 100 times out of a 100."

Mark Littleton

Senior Contracts Manager