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Discover Gentry’s solution to recover talent for your unique industry.

Discover Gentry’s Solution to Recover Talent for Your Unique Industry.

Experience in your industry is too valuable to lose.

As a company leader in any industry that requires specialized talent and skills, you likely dread when a key employee leaves or retires because they take all of their knowledge, specialized skills, and unmatched experience with them.

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Recover a wealth of knowledge in your unique industry.

Gentry Professional Services specializes in helping businesses recover their key employees unmatched level of knowledge and experience. We serve clients in many industries, including:

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Aerospace & Defense

Recover the specialized knowledge & skills required for this highly technical and regulated industry.

Landscape of Wind turbines generating electricity on rice field at Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam.


Find solutions for specialized training to handle jobs in the challenging and demanding energy industry.

Male nurse pushing stretcher gurney bed in hospital corridor with doctor.


Recover the unmatched knowledge and expertise of experienced healthcare providers.

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Information Technology

Trust our team to help you design and implement effective solutions for cloud, container, embedded, data orchestration, and high-performance computing needs.

How does it work?


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We tailor a plan

We tailor a service agreement for your company.


Your consultant returns

We hire retirees as our employees and assign them as consultants to your firm.


Still have questions about Gentry Professional Services? You’re not the only one. See our frequently asked questions below to find what you’re looking for.

Helping our clients execute their jobs successfully is our number one priority at Gentry Professional Services. We provide experienced team members with the technical expertise and availability to complete the job. 

In addition, open communication between our clients and employees is critical, and we’re always focused on supporting our clients in any way we can.

Yes, we provide workforce solutions for companies seeking to utilize senior talent further and manage the transfer of knowledge scenarios. Our well-respected partnerships with industry leaders have created many succession plans for their valuable, senior-level employees.

We pride ourselves on developing and providing solutions that achieve the goals of both the company and employees to ensure a smooth and simple transition for all parties involved.

Our win-win solution provides your company’s prospective retirees with a profitable and flexible path to continue working with you and putting their deep knowledge to use. It also offers you the necessary time to complete long-term projects and finalize the knowledge transfer to other team members.

With no learning curve, the changing of hats of your employee to work with our firm is seamless. Our team of experienced engineers can assist with the smooth transfer of knowledge to your next staff member.

While the outside world may see us as just a consulting firm, we see ourselves as one big family here at Gentry Professional Services. We respect our people and value them for who they are, in addition to the knowledge and expertise they provide. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact the professional and personal lives of every member of our team, as well as our clients.

At Gentry Professional Services, we have an internal culture of nurturing a work-life balance for our team. Studies show that this makes a more productive, engaged, and high-performing team member. We have experienced this internally, and our current clients can attest to rapid response times that meet their needs.

We are the experienced industry leader. We understand staffing and industry-specific needs.

We begin each engagement with a discovery call to identify your goals in every area of your organization to determine the best option for you. There is no cookie-cutter answer; each contract is specific to your needs.

Gentry Professional Services strives to build and maintain an inclusive and equitable workforce within our company. We are at the forefront of the ever-changing employment law landscape and protect our clients with the same priority as our internal employees. 

As a matter of practice, we conduct background investigations and drug screens on anyone who joins our company. We have teamed up with industry-leading partners to screen our consultants and hire confidently.

Quest Diagnostics provides our drug screens so we can make informed decisions about prospective employees.

We also use Sterling to conduct comprehensive background investigations, including employment verification, education verification, county court search, national sex offender registry search, and an enhanced nationwide criminal search.

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A traditional staffing agency can’t match the talent or knowledge of an experienced & specialized employee.

If you’re looking for a solution to help you recover the unmatched experience of your key employees, schedule a free consultation with our team at Gentry professional services to learn more about how our unique approach can benefit your business.