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Others say it ...
We mean it.

We understand the care and feeding of unicorns.

We hire superstars and treat them like superstars.

That’s it. That’s the secret.

But what does that mean? We start with the owners, Board, and C-Suite all legitimately focused on treating employees like important humans and respected colleagues.

What does it look like? Here are a few practices:

  • Frequent paid employee dinners where their families are also invited, and we don’t talk about work
  • Virtually no “corporate” meetings
  • A bare minimum of mandatory training
  • Time off does not have to be requested
  • A yearly vote on how to improve the benefits package
  • The base assumption that every team member is hard working and competent
Line art abstract depiction of someone feeding a unicorn
Happy businesswoman shaking hands with colleage after successful meeting.

We serve our employees, colleagues, and customers with respect.

At Gentry, respect is more than a policy; it’s a fundamental human requirement and a cornerstone of our culture. We believe that treating everyone with respect is not just morally right but also makes good business sense. Respect enhances collaboration, especially on demanding projects where confidentiality and complexity are paramount.

Our team, handling some of the world’s toughest projects, deserves and demands respect, and we proudly uphold this. This commitment to respect extends to every interaction with clients and potential partners. Rather than viewing other companies as competition, we respect their contributions and strive to turn competition into partnership.

Our values drive our business.

Our Core Values


We take care of our employees and treat them with respect.


We consider our employees family, and we treat them as such.


We serve our country, our clients, our family, and our communities.


We strive to provide the best solution and exceed client expectations.

How are we different?

We focus on the best of the best.

We search for the best people who are industry experts. They could be toward the end of their career, with a lifetime of domain knowledge and experience. They could be mid-career, looking for a way to change jobs by keep a relationship with their former employer. They could be early in their career, and wanting to enjoy gig work without gig overhead. No matter the stage of their career, they are the best of the best.

Our employees become family.

Before hiring someone, we ensure the candidate is a good fit with our client and within our own team culture. To us, the relationship is like a successful marriage; we take care of our employees and treat them with respect. In our experience, when employees feel genuinely appreciated, they pay it forward with hard work for our clients.

Bradley and Jaimie Gentry stand together smiling at the camera.

Interested in learning more?

If you like our values and would be interested in adding your own special talents to our family and culture, there is more information about benefits and logistics on our Careers page.